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Pini Kay charcoal briquettes for grills and barbecues

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4 %
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8200 - 9000 kcal
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Pini Kay charcoal briquettes are a new generation of charcoal. This product is manufactured through the pyrolysis burning of solid wood species. They are used in grills and barbecues for cooking food. They are perfect for restaurants, pubs, and grill bars as they have a longer burning time compared to regular charcoal. They are supplied in 10 kg boxes, free from any impurities. Unlike traditional charcoal, which often contains around 15% dust, unburned wood fragments, and bark in the bags.



Ash content: Approximately 2%

Moisture content: 4%

Carbon content: 90%

Calorific value: 8200 - 9000 kcal


4 %
Теплота згорання:
8200 - 9000 kcal

Dimensions and weight

10 kg
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1. SELECTION. If you have decided to buy briquettes or pellets, but do not yet know the required type and quantity, you can call our manager or order a call back. We will select the most optimal type of fuel for you and advise you on the required amount, taking into account your needs.

2. ORDER. After choosing the required quantity and type of required products, the manager will place an order on your behalf and inform you of all the details of your order. If you know exactly what you are looking for, order the necessary solid biofuel through the online basket of our online store. After ordering online, our specialist will also contact you to confirm the order and inform you about the delivery time and cost.

3. PAYMENT. You can pay for the product in several ways:

- in cash at our office in Uzhgorod or during address delivery by courier;

- advance payment to a Privatbank card;

- by non-cash transfer to an individual entrepreneur or a VAT payer's enterprise.

4. DELIVERY. After confirming the order by phone, the manager will guide you with the delivery date and cost. On the day of product delivery, the driver will contact you in advance and inform you of the estimated time of arrival of the order at your home.

You can also pick up your order yourself directly from our warehouse in Baranyntsi, Uzhhorod district.

To ensure maximum comfort when organizing the purchase of biofuel, our team is able to make a convenient delivery with its own transport.

We have two trucks at your service in our fleet, one of them is equipped with an 8-meter-long manipulator, which is convenient for unloading pallets, and the other is a smaller vehicle with a hydraulic side.

Therefore, when ordering briquettes with home delivery, you do not need to think about how to stack or unload biofuel, unlike, for example, ordinary firewood.

In addition, when ordering from 1 pallet, we provide free delivery of solid biofuel to the following settlements: Baranyntsi, Barvinok, Botfalva, Velyki Geivtsi, Velyki Lazy, Hlyboke, Dovge Pole, Kamianitsa, Kinchesh, Kontsovo, Korytnyany, Mali Geivtsi, Minai, Nevitske, Nizhnye Solotvino, Onokivtsi, Orihovitsa, Pidhorb, Rativtsi, Rozivka, Ruskie Komarivtsi, Storozhnytsia, Surte, Ternivtsi, Kholmets, Kholmok, Chaslivtsi and around the city of Uzhhorod.

To other settlements, the cost of delivery is discussed separately and depends on the quantity of ordered goods and the distance from our warehouse in the village. Baranyntsi, Uzhhorod district.

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