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About Us

Our company is a producer of ecological fuel (biofuel), namely briquettes made of wood and agricultural waste. We have been supplying biofuel to various European countries for five years. However, the majority of citizens of our region still use firewood to heat their homes when it is possible to use alternative sources of thermal energy. This fact aroused our interest: Why doesn't our population use biofuel? Having calculated all the advantages and disadvantages of briquettes or fuel pellets (pellets) in comparison with firewood, we realized that this type of fuel has many advantages in use, and can also save heating costs. Therefore, our goal is to instill a culture of biofuel use among our population.

To do this, we have created all the conditions that will allow us to provide each client with biofuel. The packaging of our briquettes and pellets is reliable and efficient: we pack the products in 10-15 kg units, which in turn ensures convenient transportation to the boiler or fireplace. Our biofuel is delivered on pallets with an area of 1 square meter.

With the help of a truck with a manipulator, we can deliver your order immediately to the yard at the address specified in the order.

Firestartes INFLAME (70 pieces)

Lighters used to start a fire. These are twisted wood fibers soaked in paraffin and beeswax. Two or three lighters are enough to..

220 ₴

Hardwood charcoal, 2 kg

 Hardwood charcoal. The charcoal is made from environmentally friendly raw materials, using only solid wood species in the ..

110 ₴

Wooden animal bedding

Universal wooden animal bedding, made from environmentally friendly wood in the form of pellets with a diameter of 6 mm. It can ..

90 ₴

Wood pellets (grey pellets)

Wood pellets. All around the world the alternative energy sources are gradually used. One of the types of such fuel is wood pell..

150 ₴

Wood kindling

Wood kindling Fuel wood chips are particles obtained by grinding wood raw materials. It is intended for starting a fire with ..

55 ₴

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Firestarters INFLAME (24 pieces)
Firestarters INFLAME (24 pieces)

The firestarters INFLAME are used to start a fire. These are twisted wood fibers soaked in paraffin and beeswax. Two or three l..

90 ₴